Welcome to the new website of Travel Writers Radio, heard on 87.8 FM in Melbourne, On the Net and also on SoundCloud. We broadcast live every Wednesday between 5 pm and 7 pm from the Melbourne studios of J-AIR.  This website now incorporates the FoodWine TravelTips site previously produced by our members in Australasia

Since 2014 more than 1000 stories have been aired on Travel Writers Radio, which is produced and presented each week by the Professional Association of Lifestyle and Travel Writers (PALAT) – an international network of writers based in Australasia, North America and Europe.

If you’re an actively published journalist, photojournalist, editor or broadcaster in the travel, hospitality or meetings industry, or member of a recognised professional journalists’ association, you probably qualify to join our team. We welcome new members with an interest in learning about radio, on air or behind the scenes in production.  As a member you can become a reporter for our radio program contributing news, reviews, travel experiences, food and beverage stories, lifestyle interviews and your top tips for travellers.

PALAT members report from around the corner and around the globe…so we think we’re well placed to share some of our insider information with you to make your experiences in the world of travel and hospitality better informed and more pleasurable.  Think of us as professional travel whisperers…


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