Mornington Peninsula family business to offer locally grown frozen berries

matildasWith supermarket shelves depleted of frozen berries in the wake of the Hepatitis A scare from contaminated imported berries, the Gallace family from Mornington Peninsula south of Melbourne has stepped up to ensure safe local berry supplies. They told Travel Writers Radio that they would use berries from Sunny Ridge, the family’s 800 acre farm lands to provide frozen strawberries initially to major supermarkets. They expect to commence deliveries in June. Speaking with TravelWritersRadio host Peter Watson, co-owner Ruth Gallace said today the family also grew raspberries, blueberries and cherries at their properties and intended to provide national distribution.  The couple already produce and distribute a 100% real fruit cider under the Rebello brand. Ruth said the idea had been in the pipeline for some time but was not considered viable, however the current increase in demand changed all that. “We were already seeing a major shift in consumer attitudes towards local produce as people become more and more discerning and this latest situation has propelled that motivation to buy local.” The couple even earned congratulations from Federal Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce has congratulated the Gallace family on their initiative, saying: “It is good to see Australian businesses looking at ways to expand further and I wish the Matilda’s brand every success with their new berry products.”

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