Melbourne Minute – The City’s Best Cheese Shops

In recent years, Melbourne has spawned a fromage frenzy with a multitude of cheese shops opening their doors in almost every suburb. From goat’s to cow’s, gouda to gruyere and everything in between, here’s the city’s best cheese shops in a minute.

D.O.C. in Carlton, Albert Park and Mornington stocks mostly Italian cheeses, while Carlton’s La Latteria specialises in fresh cheese like mozzarella, bocconcini and ricotta all hand made and stretched in house.

La Formaggeria in St Kilda had captured the imaginations of passers by well before it opened earlier this month with the promise of its micro cheese lab, while Milk The Cow, also in St Kilda, is a bar dedicated to two of life’s greatest gifts – cheese and wine.

At Richmond Hill Café and Larder you’ll find a room with wall-to-wall cheese, while the Spring Street Grocer in the heart of the city is home to Australia’s first two underground cheese maturation cellars.

And that’s the city’s best cheese shops for the Melbourne Minute.


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