Melbourne Minute – The City’s Best Banh Mi

Microphone SmallThere’s nothing worse than arriving at your lunch break only to find your homemade sandwich has gone soggy. Enter the banh mi – a crusty French baguette slathered with pate, filled traditionally with pork or chicken and adorned with fresh cucumber, pickled carrot and coriander. The classic Vietnamese sandwich is affordable, fast and most importantly, delicious. Here’s where to buy the best banh mi in Melbourne.

The newest addition to the city’s love affair with banh mi is Ba’get on Russell Street, while Banh Mi Boys is a food truck favourite making appearances at festivals, markets and other events right across town.

Tucked away off bustling Bourke Street in Tivoli Arcade is FOB Rolls, home to authentic banh mi with tongue-in-cheek titles, while N Lee Bakery in the heart of Smith Street has developed a cult-like following.

After mastering the art of the pop-up, Paperboy Kitchen now has permanent residency in the city and is perhaps best described as Melbourne’s high-end answer to banh mi, while Roll’d has 15 franchises across the city and is showing no signs of slowing down.

And that’s the city’s best banh mi for the Melbourne Minute.


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