Melbourne Minute – The City’s Best Meatballs

Move over hamburgers and other meaty treats – make way for the meatball! The humble meatball has been revolutionised and is popping up all over Melbourne in various guises.

The Meatball & Wine Bar in Richmond and the city is, without a doubt, Melbourne’s meatball mecca. It’s what the ‘G is to footy and the Espy is to live music.

Over in South Melbourne there’s a brand new hole-in-the-wall cafe, Mama’s Meatballs, dedicated to these round morsels of goodness, or for traditional Italian meatballs try Rosetta at Crown or Rossini in Malvern.

In Abbotsford, you’ll find the best homemade pork balls at Jinda Thai, while The Meatball Company takes their mobile kitchen all over town and is sure to pop up at a festival near you.

Finally, head to The Fresh Pasta Shop at the Prahran Market for the best Thai Chicken and Cambodian Beef Meatballs, or pop into Stocked in Hawksburn Village for some tempting takeaways.

And that’s Melbourne’s best meatballs for the Melbourne Minute.

You can read the full article at The Urban List Melbourne.


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