It’s a buffet, but not as you know it

When you think ‘Surfers Paradise’ many words come to mind and ‘food revolution’ wouldn’t typically top the list – but on a recent trip to the mighty Goldie I stumbled across just that.

A buffet food revolution is being spearheaded in this renowned surfing tourist mecca; but don’t let the restaurant behind it hear you use the ‘b’ word.

Restaurant manager at ‘Bazaar’ in the QT Gold Coast Hotel, Kieran Erasmuson, prefers to call it market place dining, where you take your plate on a global discovery, and talk to the chefs, much like you would a farmer or producer at a market – whether that’s about the meat, seafood, salads or hand-made desserts.

Featuring as part of the Surfers Paradise Festival, which runs from June to July, the restaurant’s philosophy towards a selection of gourmet dishes, replicating a fresh market, is driven by executive chef Luke Stepsys – and was the only one of its kind in Australia, until the recent launch of Bazaar Port Douglas.

Swinging whole pigs in a fridge with a glass window are your first encounter on entering the restaurant, and quickly give way to multiple sights and smells including (on the day I visited) slow cooked lamb shanks, Moroccan inspired salads, fresh oysters and mussels and rows of hand-made desserts including macaroons and panna cotta.

The focus here is on Thai, Chinese and Japanese food – with chefs native to these regions making up the 30 or so chefs on site, and create authentic dishes for the up to 160 guests in any one sitting.

Kieran says they want to turn the table on what buffet is, and show it can be done with gourmet food made from local, fresh, seasonal produce

As for the festival, well the team at Bazaar also partner with other local chefs to share their kitchen secrets at live cooking demonstrations .. but don’t wait for next year’s event to experience this contemporary twist on the traditional buffet … it’s a year round affair.

– Kirstie Bedford


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