A World of Chocolate

I’m not a huge chocolate eater but when the making of chocolate becomes theatre, you’ve got me over a barrel.

Pannys Chocolate Factory on Victoria’s Phillip Island is as theatrical as London’s West End. A converted cheese factory, it tells the story of chocolate from bean to bar. And all in an exciting, enticing and inviting three act pantomime.

Panny, an amiable, chocolate addicted, bon vivant has created his own not-so-little chocolate world. While the chocolate factory is fully operational, and it manufactures and sells some of Victoria’s finest confectionery, it’s what goes on behind the swing doors which attacks every sense and transforms the most ardent chocolate addict into a wide-eyed kid – it’s magnetic pull is totally unavoidable, decidedly delicious and positively precious.

Pannys Amazing World of Chocolate takes every chocolate lover on a Willy Wonker style adventure that’s packed with sweet licks at every turn. While educative, it also dishes up a tongue-in-cheek celebration of the gooey brown substance that has everyone salivating like a Pavlovian dog.

For a paltry $12.00 admission price, choc-adventurers can witness the spill from the world’s largest chocolate waterfall, write their name in chocolate (and eat their own words), drive a train through a chocolate landscape and even make their own chocolate bar (try the Vegemite and Cola flavour combination – weird but strangely delicious)

Pannys Amazing World of Chocolate is packed with interactive displays and the specifically created contraptions which build the choc theme into a serious experience are outstanding and would give ScienceWorks a run for their pocket money. Kids love the visual experience and grown-ups just wish they were kids again. Either way, they’re all mesmerized by this outstanding chocolate world.


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