Mobile Roaming TipsTwo – Beware of Data

Using your iPhone or other smart phone overseas can cost a fortune due to the way they use data, and the cost of data roaming. Every time your iPhone checks for emails it can cost you over ten dollars, and your phone will do this every minute unless you make changes to your settings!  Bills of over $3,000 are not uncommon for unsuspecting travellers accessing data overseas.

For example an average 1GB movie downloaded from iTunes, charged at a standard data roaming rate of $20 per MB will end up costing you over $20,000!

The key tips to reduce your data roaming charges are: Stick to the basics – only do the minimum required on your smartphone and make sure that you keep data roaming switched off, and only turn it on when you actually want to connect to the Internet.  Use free Wi-Fi hotspots wherever possible. Popular cafes, restaurants and hotels often have free wifi available, especially in the USA and throughout Europe, McDonalds is a great spot for a coffee and a Wi-Fi session.

Buy a prepaid roaming simcard before you leave home, you will get one number and one sim and will save up to 80% on your global roaming bill in over 190 countries. Simply swap sim cards and save. Business options where you are contactable on your number are usually available as well.


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  1. I read a comment that if you want to save on data you change your p[hone network to only roam on 2G, not 3G or the latest 4G. That way it cannot devour massive data…a bit like trying to suck golf balls through a garden hose! 😉

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