Flying High Two – Choosing Your Airline

Flying to Europe is quite a journey; so the decision on the airline as well as the day that you choose to fly is important.

I live in Melbourne and I prefer to fly with one of the three Middle Eastern airlines operating out of Melbourne Airport.  Their flight times and routings suit my personal travel patterns. They all depart late, somewhere between 7.30pm and 3.00am and the longest leg (almost 14 hours) is the first one.  I get on board after a full day; then enjoy a late dinner, a drink, a movie and with luck I then sleep for up to eight hours.  I arrive in the Middle East in time for breakfast, after which it’s only a short eight hour daylight flight to my destination.  As I arrive in the middle of the day, I find the transition to local time is easier because of the shorter time span before I revert to a “normal” sleep pattern.

Friday is my favourite day for business travel, as I end one working week at home and start another overseas, and that works best for me.  On holiday it is less important but I prefer flying midweek (Tuesday – Thursday) as it often less crowded on board and because I arrive in the middle of a working day, which can mean less crowds and traffic on arrival.

Whoever you choose to fly with make sure that you pick the airline and the departure day that works best for you.


About Peter Watson

I have spent forty years plus in the travel industry working mainly in sales, marketing and retail distribution; I have built huge franchise networks with national and international brands and I have worked with and developed smaller agency groups and single businesses. I am now enjoying my later working life as I establish my new business Creative Planet Media (find us on Facebook) where we operate in the travel and tourism space. I am happy to use my skills as a management consultant, travel writer, communicator, teacher/mentor and my position as an "elder statesman” to good effect within the travel industry. My favourite leisure activities are travel, golf, fine food, good wine and great single malt whiskies, not necessarily in that order.

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