Mobile Roaming Tips

How do you save money when you use your mobile phone overseas?  That’s easy you can save a fortune on your next overseas trip by using a pre-paid Global SIM Card in your phone?

Do you know that if you make and receive 20 minutes of calls to/from  Australia with normal roaming it will cost on average $700. With a prepaid Global SIM, the bill will be around $170, saving you over $500!

The top tips for saving on your mobile phone bill when travelling overseas are:

First use more SMS, this is an excellent way to communicate cheaply when international roaming. However, avoid texting conversations as these can quickly become more expensive than one quick call.

Have people call you, it is cheaper to receive a call when overseas than to make one back to Australia. Even with normal roaming where you pay to receive calls, this is a cheaper way to stay in touch. Send a text to your family and friends to call you back. With most Global SIM cards it is free to receive calls in a large number of countries.

When I travel overseas I always carry a Global SIM, there are plenty of options available so do your research to out find what suits you best. For the last three years I have used a company called BackChat Mobile; I find them to be most efficient and supportive and they have most certainly saved me money.


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