Flying High (The Search for an Upgrade)

There is something about air travel that gets me in, I am not sure exactly what it is but it starts at the airport where I like to check in early, and take my time through the process. I don’t like being rushed or racing through the departure area as the final call announcements are being made. I am happy to sit in the airline lounge or the departure area for a couple of hours, and soak it all in, whilst my wife browses the duty free shopping precinct.
I also believe that the best way to get that elusive and unexpected upgrade is to get there early and to “be ready”! Airlines are more likely to upgrade passengers who have checked in on time, than those who are late. They also tend to favour passengers who are well presented and smartly but comfortably dressed. Airlines will, of course, upgrade loyal clients first, so the higher your status with the airline you fly with the better.
The age old question is do you ask? The correct answer is that depends! On your history with that airline and whether you already have been told that an upgrade “may be possible”. If you think it might be there then ask, the worst they can say is no and they may well say yes. A word though, if it is no, then accept it, do not make a fuss about being promised it would be there, that is a no-no. Do that and believe me, your card could well be marked for life depending on how much fuss you create. It is not worth it.
If you get one, say thank-you and enjoy it, quietly and without making a great fuss, that way you may well get another one on a future flight.


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