Playing Safe

Imagine being taken ill in a foreign country; imagine being rushed off to a local hospital, to be a looked after in a medical system you know nothing about and then being told that you will need to be flown elsewhere, by air ambulance, for more tests which could well lead to heart surgery. Imagine your answer to this question; “do you have proper travel insurance, and does it cover heart disease?
Well – do you have travel insurance cover and does it cover any pre-existing illness? Perhaps you just taken that policy that comes with your credit card, or taken discount insurance on line, or simply not bothered about any insurance cover; assuming “it will not happen to me”! It’s an important question as the next part of that question goes like this; “because depending upon what has to be done, the costs of your treatment will be anywhere between 90,000 and 500,000 dollars”!
Do I have your attention now?
It all happened to me, and I was “lucky”; I did have travel insurance and it did cover my pre-existing illness and my insurer got me home safely, and all paid up. What would happen to you in the same situation, would you have played safe and be well covered or would you have gambled and lost. Of all the things that you can leave behind when you travel overseas; travel insurance is NOT one of them. Get professional advice and travel safely.

– Peter Watson


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  1. And it pays to check the fine print really well too to see if you’re covered for other things apart from illness. On a recent trip to Ireland I was robbed of my entire life support system although there was no medical emergency in sight, except for the inevitable anxiety attacks. I had my computer (all my work) camera, cash, phone tech equipment, and passport stolen, among other things – one with the lot! Claiming on my insurance was an eye-opener – no coverage for cash, didn’t want to pay up on the computer, wouldn’t refund the cost of emergency passport and accommodation – they found excuses not to pay on just about everything. The insurance company eventually set payout limits on every item and all-in-all I was out of pocket byt about 5 Grand. Needless to say, I switched companies and read every word of the new policy.

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